Uniform Policy

  • Trousers, shorts and skirts are to be dark blue or black. Three quarter length trousers will not be allowed.
  • Jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts are to be royal blue.
  • Blouses, shirts and polo shirts are to be white or blue. Whilst these do not have to have the Cliffe logo, they must have a collar.
  • Gingham dresses are to be blue.
  • Socks/tights should be white, grey, blue or black. Socks/tights must be worn in school.
P.E. uniform;

  • Black/ dark blue shorts. These should not be longer than the knee.
  • White round neck T shirts.
  • P.E. pumps/ trainers for outdoors sports.

These should be plain and if possible without logos. For games outside, a sports sweatshirt and long trousers may be provided for cooler weather. Pupils do need to wear sensible footwear for outdoor activities.
There is no expectation that children have to wear uniform that has the Cliffe logo, but if you wish to purchase these please see Customers link:
The school does not have an indoor and outdoor shoes policy, however in wet winter months   pupils may be asked to change from outdoor footwear to their P.E pumps.  Shoes need to be practical and dark in colour.  As usual, everything needs to be named.