At Cliffe School, we believe high-quality teaching of synthetic phonics is essential if children are to be in a strong position to decode words and learn skills which, once mastered, enable them to read fluently and to concentrate on the meaning of the text. We teach phonics systematically and discretely as the prime approach in the teaching of early reading (blending). Phonics skills can also be used to learn key skills in spelling (segmenting).


Cliffe VC Primary School’s Policy for Phonics is based on the following principles :


  •          The ability to read is fundamental to many aspects of life.
  •          Reading is central to securing general progress and developing an understanding in a wide range of areas of the curriculum.
  •          The teaching of reading is to be given a high priority by all staff.
  •          Success in reading is crucial in developing children’s self-confidence, motivation to learning, later life chances and quality of life in general.
Our phonics teaching is characterised by a planned structure, this is informed by the DfE ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme and delivered with mind to the ‘Read, Write Inc’ synthetic phonics scheme. 


‘Read, Write, Inc’ is a well established, research backed scheme which is recognised by the DfE as appropriate and effective. 
For full details please see our Phonics Policy below.