Our Aims and Ethos

Our moto above is in essence the key aim of all we do here at Cliffe School. From this idea of collaboration and growth our ethos and values flow.
It is our firm belief that it is within the Primary School that the foundations of a child's life are laid. This entrusts us with the responsibility of ensuring that the experiences each child has here with us sets the stage for their future life of success. To achieve this we strive to meet the following aims :

  • Every child will feel happy, safe, secure and valued;
  • Our children will develop lively, enquiring and creative minds;
  • Our children will develop the ability to debate, question, consider and respect the views of others;
  • Our children will develop their own individuality and independence, enabling them to discover and recognise their own strengths and aspire to reach their full potential;
  • Our children will achieve the highest standards of which they are capable, through hard work, commitment and self discipline;
  • Our children will gain understanding of, and respect for the religious and moral values and of other groups, races, religions, ways of life and points of view;
  • We respect and celebrate each others’ differences;
  • We value and support the communities to which we belong; locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Governors are supportive, involved and well informed. They are key members of the team;
  • Parents and Carers are welcomed, encouraged and valued in all areas of school life.