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Accelerated Learning Provision catch up plan - lockdown2
Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy - KS1 pupils
Acceptable Use Policy - KS2 pupils
Acceptable Use Policy - Parents
Acceptable Use Policy - Staff, Governors & Volunteers
Accessibility Plan
Admissions Policy
Adult Conduct Policy
Allergens Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Appraisal Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance Management Policy & Procedure
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 Specific
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child on Child Abuse Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Manual
Children Missing Education Policy
Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy
Complaints Procedure
Coronavirus COVID outbreak management plan
COVID19 Safeguarding Policy
Designated Teacher - Looked After Children Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Educational Visits Policy Map
Employee Privacy Notice
English Policy
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Procedures
Fire Safety Procedures
First Aid Policy
Governors allowances Policy
Guidance for Safer Working Practice
Health and Safety Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Home Learning Policy
Home - School ZOOM
Induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) Policy
Information Security Policy
Learning for Life Policy including Relationships, Sex and Health Education
Leave Policy and Summary Charts
Lockdown and Invacuation Policy
Low level concern policy
Managing All Concerns / Allegations made against those who work or volunteer with Children
Mastery Calculation Policy
Maths Policy
Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Policy
Mobile Device Policy
NQT Induction Policy
Online Safety Policy
Persistent or Vexatious Complaints Policy
Phonics Policy
Premises Management Policy
Privacy Notice - Covid-19
Pupils and Parents Privacy Notice
Pupil Attendance Policy
Reading Policy
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure
Recruitment Privacy Notice
Remote Learning Policy
Safeguarding - Covid-19 Statement
School Medical Policy
Self Harm Policy
SEND Information Report Autumn 2023
SEND Policy
Single Equality Scheme
Smoke & vape free workplace policy
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Toileting & Continence Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Cliffe SEND Policy - 2024 to 25.pdf