Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Cliffe VC Primary School

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and find out a little more about our school. Cliffe VC Primary School is a voluntary controlled Primary School catering for children between the ages of 4 and 11. Central to the small village of Cliffe, some ten minutes from Selby and twenty minutes from York.

Opening in 1708 we are one of the very first schools to be founded in North Yorkshire and we endeavour to build upon this impressive legacy, creating a school with a long history and an exciting future. Indeed the ‘voluntary controlled’ element of our name refers to the fact that, while we are generally a traditional ‘state funded’ primary, we still maintain a link to the Mary Ward Trust which financed the original school right back in the 1700’s. 

Our school moto ‘We Thrive Together’ is a phrase written by our current Year 6 pupils which they feel best defines what it is we strive to achieve. Cliffe School is a place of collaborative effort, where pupils and staff alike are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. At times this means facing a challenge and overcoming our doubts but together we know we can succeed. In fact, even on those odd occasions we ‘don’t succeed’ we learn a lot from our mistakes and know this makes us better learners in the long run!

We pride ourselves on being a place of ‘doing’, our curriculum embraces active, ‘hands-on’ activity. Guided by our pupils interests, underpinned by superb teaching and supported by visiting experts and visits to other locations. Teaching and learning is at the very heart of all we do here at Cliffe. ‘Learning’ for us goes beyond the traditional academic curriculum and embraces the idea that alongside the academic subjects we must also support our pupils in becoming emotionally literate, empathetic and creative individuals. Aware of the part they will play not only in the life of their local community but in the wider world they are increasingly part of.

Our school has been on the current site since 1982 and we are blessed with extensive grounds including a mix of grassland, woodland and garden and these are fully integrated and used in the life of the school. From ‘active maths’ on the playground, to ‘outdoor learning’ in the woods, through to archery sessions on the field, you will often find us taking our learning beyond the walls of the school. Indeed it was the arrival of a family of hedgehogs into our woods this year that inspired the pupils to create our new school logo ! The pupils being eager to show that visitors are always welcome !

With that in mind we thank you for visiting our website and extend a warm invitation to come and visit us here in school. That way you can see first-hand just what makes us so proud of our school and it’s community. Just give us a call or drop us an email to make an appointment.

All the best,

Mr Adam Blackwood